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Once upon a time there was a Farthusituck

And this Farthusituck went into a Bartupituck

And in the Bartupituck he found a Carthusituck

And the Farthusituck said to the Carthusituck that he was a “Lapadoorsawoosh!”

The ┬áCarthusituck in stamborofook tartelled, “Misroycolliecoy.”

And that was all.


Knowing is an action…

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The man who knows what Aristotle knows

But does not know what he himself knows

Knows nothing.

The man who knows what he knows

But does not know what he does not know

Knows nothing.

The man who knows what he does not know

and knows what he knows

Truly knows.

Thus knowledge is a negative, non-substantial,

And non-possess able thing,

It brings one to the earth.

But it also releases one to heaven,

Thus it is ethereal, positive,

and essential.

Living by and within such

All becomes worthy

Of thought and laughter

(Simultaneous reflection)-

And ones self becomes alien

Unknowable, profound,

But yearns for an end,

a home, a friend, and a Love.

on the mountain

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There was a time when I was unrighteous,

I think I liked it better then.

As the knife drew blood from the Ram

The mans’ eyes were tired and worn

His legs were heavy and his face was lorn

With many nations his heart was heavy

His son watched naked and afraid

As the blade cut and opened

Thoughts were mysteries to both

They were alien from each other

The past was gone and the future was not.

Only the present moments on that mountain were felt

The animal, noisy as it was, died quickly

And the two were alone again

With each other

Lit from above

And the wind wouldn’t stop till home

But before they went down

The man called his son once more to him

And as he looked into his sons deep eyes

And as he felt a hint of shame

He gave his son his own coat and the knife

And his son buried it where they stood.