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The weight of it is gone

It is diffused now into air

Wrapping around my mind

And my heart intertwined

There are differences now

The grass is greener on the other side

The light is lower as it turns to fly

Through my windowpane

Away and away and away

I wish it would flee far

From this man

From this soul

From this empty thing that is left

From ashes to ashes

To golden dust, which will never be

Which maybe never was

Which returned to the Sierra Madre

From whence it was taken

And as I watch it return into sand

I tell myself that:

Bogart could not have done better himself,

That maybe we do need some stinkin’ badges,

That I am Gold rising up into eternal life,

And that Vanity is my middle name

Followed by Death



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To tell a tale

A tall tale

Of two tails

And a tattletale

With short hair

and a strong stare

Sally told a sea whale

while sipping on her teal tea

she slipping out a tea tale

of a seal tail

slooping through the sea wail

a splashing sea gail…

She’s a rata tat tat tatteltale

A rattle rattle rattle snake-tail break bail

A sea snail crawling out a fake jail

Falling, breaking down the sea shell…

Curling cuts the sea whale

slipping down a sea seal…

sally sees the sea foam

red with love and sees home

soft and sand her feet comb

the ground for land and keep prone


far flown

her soul is sown and sold

to the bold, to the bald, to the called, sea shore.

She shells out her loud bout

of shame and shale

but not for frail frantic flapping

does she curtail the end of laughing

or her splashing sense of scratching

seeping swooning all consuming

water caught her last musing

last soothing sip of losing

left to float in her  clothing

in her fashionable ether

left to gloat at what’s beneath her

fish and phlegm

and all the gems

sally told

sally sold

sally once

sally twice

sally forth sea shells

sally shells out sea tales

by the sea shore,

and the sea tails never tell