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open both eyes

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This is where you can find my new blog.

I don’t know if I will continue writting

in “a sorrowful countenance”, but for now

“open both eyes”.



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I often find myself looking for answers

is there anything better?

Looking for questions, maybe?

Not really, that’s just another way of looking for answers.

But what else is there other then questions and answers?

That itself is a question, and if I were to answer it I would begin again

that which I do not seek right now. I do not seek questions or answers right now.

Maybe I just want some stories.

That isn’t a question or an answer.

It’s more like a suggestion, somewhere between a question and an answer.

I don’t think I will continue this blog.

I don’t know what I will continue with or for.

I heard a good poem the other day.

I wish you could have heard it too.

It was sad and true and real and I wished it was mine.

i wished i was the poem.

the poem had colors and lines and shapes and movement.

It was balanced and careful and fragil and broken.

it was complete but it made me feel incomplete,

just as a poem should.

it opened and closed just like I wish I could.

maybe my next blog will be like this more.

I don’t want to make beautiful things anymore.

I am just going to make things.

I heard tiny dancer twice today.

I am going to open a bottle of red burgundy later.

I might accidentally make something beautiful but it won’t be me.

It will be some other me. Like the old skin of a snake but will never shed.

I was working on the roof today when I realized that children are not lazy.

Of course they can be lazy but sometimes when adults think children are being lazy

they aren’t being lazy they are just enjoying the moment they are in.

They aren’t looking forward

they aren’t looking backward

they are just looking.

I suppose it’s good to look forward and backward,

but it’s also good just to look.

Both eyes, open.

Maybe that will be the name of my next blog.

“Both eyes, open”