Julian Caballero


In Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 9:03 am

Love yourself

Look then


No not there


In between this and that

The place you and I went

Remember back then

When we were one

Or rather we were one inside

Those days those were the days

But I think we both agree it’s better this way

Two ways now back and forward

Recalling and calling are no longer optional they are basic

They come with the spare tire in the trunk

The trunk you kept forgetting the blankets or towels in

It’s been too long now I can’t remember

Two times, the last was a dream I had one night where you stabbed me in the chest

I woke up afraid actually afraid

My chest hurt

I pass that room now

Those trees

Those places

Those expected places

Those places we filled with our flesh, our minds

Our reckless hearts filled with fledgling hopes

Our eyes blind to the future and the past

I should have bought a flashlight

Just you and me.

It was a note for your parents

And it wasn’t in the trunk.

Flowers forgiveness forgetting foam on the beach that one time

The sky was amazing! It was so cold! But you did it anyway

Like the sun

New now day room bed carpet, I had a cat for awhile

It pooped everywhere I let it go out the door one day

It never came back. I thought I saw her once but it wasn’t her.

I keep expecting to hear her some night at the door

But I can’t remember her eyes now

What color were they? Why did she leave why did I want her to go?

Is it wrong to feel better about things?

Is it wrong to wish she would return with her shit

She needed more then I could give

On the back I give myself a pat

What else is there I have done everything else, its just a little pat


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