Julian Caballero

About me?


When I first get to know someone or someone first gets to know me the process can proceed in many directions. It seems though in writing something about myself that I am not allowing that process to be as free as it normally is. But is that not the nature of a Blog? This is not normal communication is it? Or have we changed normal communication into something else, into this? And are we losing something in this process? Are we gaining anything? Should we be pragmatic about our communication? I suppose what I wanted to say in all of this is that I have some questions for you, the reader, and for myself. And I hope that even if this isn’t the best form of communication I will try to be as honest and true as possible in how I think and live. There is so much more to say about me but I hope you understand that this is only the beginning and what you find in these pages is only a mere reflection of my heart and mind.

let’s begin well,


  1. Hi! My name is Naima and I just find your blog and i read everything. I know you don’t know me but I want to help if that’s okay with you. And help as in “find God”…. please email me at naima735@msn.com … i would love to help. i hope you get this message.

    • Hi, Naima
      Thanks for taking an interest in my blog and my life and my soul but I don’t want to send e-mails. But you are welcome to comment on my blog any questions/answers/statements.

  2. Hello Edgar,

    I too just found your blog while working on a post for my own blog. Anyway, I read your post in 2009 on a conversation with your family. I want you to know that believing in God is a matter of the heart and a leap of faith. Yes, God laughs and cries. If you want to know more about Him and His character, just read the Bible. He will tell you all about Himself and His crazy love for you – just as you are, but hoping you will change to be more like Him as you learn more about Him. Believing in God is not being a “good person” or “taking communion” it is following Christ. Having a personal relationship with Him. The more you know Him and all He has done for you, there’s no way you can’t fall in love!

    (Pure and Noble)
    believer for 8.5 years

    • thanks for the comments brooke. I think I might agree with some of the things that you said in your comment but I have a hard time with the language you use. I don’t see anywhere in the Bible describing someone as having “fallen in love” with God. But I do see in the Bible people being changed by God and people struggling with God. But I think what is most important, as you said, “believing in God… is following Christ.”

      thanks again,

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